Almost a year ago, to the day, Andrew and I looked out over the balcony of a new, potential apartment, and were blown away. Everything was relaxed, the day was gorgeous, and the air smelled good and crisp. It all felt so peaceful – a far cry from the condo complex we were currently residing in, off of a very busy road with crummy traffic and an incredibly high water bill. It was time for a change, and this apartment, with its serene view and fresh smelling air, felt good, felt right.

Flash forward, and it’s Fall again, and I’ve got even more changes coming down the pipeline.

Starting with the Winter semester, I’m going back to school for business. I am so lucky and so blessed to have been awarded an entrepreneurial scholarship, and I want my new business to be the connecting point for real food, the community, and the local farmers that make that food possible. In the Spring, I’ll take my first Entrepreneurial Studies class, and I’ll be able to get a better handle on what the market is really like, do a feasibility study – things I barely understand at this point, but am so excited to learn!

For the past few years, I’ve had this incredible passion for real food, and have had next to no idea what to do with it. So, I’ve kept learning, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Through this scholarship, I’ll not only be able to take business and accounting courses, I’ll be able to continue growing my knowledge of nutrition, and learn more about food preparation. After all, I’m just a home cook. I’m pretty sure I’ve been chopping all of my vegetables wrong, and I have no idea how to properly debone a chicken. But I think I’m about to learn.

At some point today I need to develop a basic two-year academic plan for the program. I know what my core classes are, but I’m not sure what to do for everything else. Yet.

Earlier this week, I started getting ahead of myself (I do that sometimes), and went to talk to some of the culinary arts faculty about classes to take, all over-eager and whatnot. And one of the chefs brought up a great point – to wait until I’d done my market research, feasibility study, and the like, to try to get a better handle on what this business might really wind up being. 

So now I’m feeling a little lost again, but I think it’ll be okay. After all, I can rework things later on, and I want to be sure I’m truly pursuing a viable business! And I’m going to wait a few months to tell you all about it, too. Partly, because I like the suspense of making you wait…and partly because what it is now could be totally different from what it will be after I’ve done a little more legwork on my idea. So, until then… Suspense!

On a totally different note (well, not really, still food related, of course), I’ve been having some very serious thoughts about taking my diet a little more therapeutically low-carb. I went to the farmers’ market and grocery store today, spent a butt-ton of money (nourishing food is 100% my vice in life), and now have a fridge and cupboards that are pretty well-LCHF-stocked.

My biggest health concern lately has been detoxification systems, and my belief that they aren’t functioning properly. By reeling things in more on the low carb/high fat front, I think I may be able to kill some of the junk food that’s been sneaking back in, reestablish control over some of my cravings, and hopefully find something that both makes me feel great, and is sustainable.

Highly processed, high sugar foods just don’t sit well with me, and although I try to keep things under wraps, I also allow myself to make detours here and there, and up to a point, it wasn’t bothering me. But now, lately, it has been.

I was trying to gauge the persistence of it all, but it seems to be getting worse – just the overall crumminess I’ve felt from consuming certain foods – and I feel like, despite all that I know, I’ve sort of avoided LCHF without having given it a fair go.

I’ve tried so many other things, but even my {real food} reset isn’t exactly low carb. And I don’t think at this point that low carb is for everyone, but with some of the overweight, diabetes, and heart disease that runs in my family, a well-documented, well-balanced LCHF plan could be beneficial. It all goes back to experimenting and trying to figure out what really works for me.

So, along with all the other changes that are about to happen with my work and school life, I’m about to do some diet restructuring, too. And to be quite honest, I find all of it – even the parts that are kind of terrifying – really fun and exciting. It’s an adventure, and I can’t wait to continue the journey, and keep you all posted along the way.


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