A little inspiration today, and a deeper dive into my story, where things have been going the last few years, and what fuels my fire!


Know this: we each have something amazing to share with this world; but we must first make the choice to chase after it!

One step at a time, in the direction of our dreams, can lead us down an incredible path. With each footfall, we come a little bit closer to realizing our potential, our light, and the gifts we can give, that at the same time fill our hearts.

Two years ago, I made a choice to leave a “safe” job, where I worked with wonderful people and utilized the skills I originally went to school for. When I left, I fully understood: that’s the kind of job a lot of folks would love to have, and for me, for a time, I loved it, too.

But, when I started studying nutrition for the first time in 2013, a fire ignited. It was early then, but I could feel it catching, and I could feel myself getting anxious for a change, wanting to do something with all I was learning.

Flash forward to 2016, when I started classes as part of the Entrepreneurial Studies Institute’s Ratcliffe Scholars program at Anne Arundel Community  College. I was on my path, I was putting in the work and studying nutrition, but I knew nothing about running my own business. So, I started to change that.

That spring, I also applied for a job as a video editor with Diane Sanfilippo’s team. I sent an email, a shot in the dark, because I knew if I wanted to continue being a video editor, it had to have something to do with nutrition. What better way than by supporting the work of the woman whose books, podcast, and all-around-passion inspired me to move forward with my own?

I’ve been a member of the awesome Team Balanced Bites since January 2016, I’ve been studying entrepreneurship just as long, and now, two years later, I’ve started a business that is MINE, a dream I have chased and will keep chasing. #realfoodstoretours

My fire is still burning, and I want you to know: two years might seem like a long time, but A LOT can happen in two years, and you can make SO MUCH progress in the direction of your goals and dreams. Chase them, and make it happen.

🌟 Chase Your Dreams planner: Erin Condren
🌟 Make It Happen planner: Michael’s Stores

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