Happy new year, everyone!

I’m kicking things off with a fresh series of posts, that are about SO much more than *just* the food.

I’ll be adding to this post throughout the week of January 7, 2019 – so check back for anything you might have missed!

Here’s *my* goal for 2019:

Each week, I create one new video to share every Monday on social media, based on a particular topic. Then, on Wednesday and Friday, I follow that up with two new posts, expanding on the original topic. All of this content is combined into one central blog post. #youarehere

My aim is to create consistent, engaging, relevant content – that resonates with me, but most importantly, with YOU.

I’m here to provide you with valuable information to help you create the happy, healthy, nourished life you crave.

All of this starts with my very first video.

Struggling to set effective goals? These tips will help you out!

Tip #1 is to write it down. WRITE. IT. DOWN.

Of the three, this one is the most impactful. Whatever the goal, when we put pen to paper, we physically connect with our goals, and the power we give them pushes out into the universe. It’s a little woo, I know, but if you’ve never done it before, I dare ya! Write down what matters, the things you want to achieve the most, and see what happens!

Watch the video for Tips #2 and #3!

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NEXT UP | Resources I Love

Two resources I’ve absolutely loved for helping me to reconnect with healthy habits, and visualize and attack (name that movie?!) my goals are from Gretchen Rubin and Brian Tracy.

In her book, Better Than Before, Gretchen first lays out her “four tendencies” framework (which later became its own book) that helped me better understand my tendency as a Questioner, to question both inner and outer expectations.

Knowing this key personality trait about myself has helped me immensely in understanding how I make decisions, stick to goals, and achieve the things I work toward.

Brian Tracy’s The New Psychology of Achievement was introduced to me by Diane Sanfilippo, during one of our weekly Team Balanced Bites calls. This audio program presents SO many incredible, actionable tips to help you succeed in your life. Whether you’re looking to save money, create new habits, or build a life you really love, you’ll find something that supports you on your journey.

While in some cases it’s more targeted to salespeople, I truly believe the bulk of the content is universal. In fact, that tip in the above video, the one about intentionally using the word “I” when we set our goals? Brian Tracy is the first person I heard explain that crucial point – so simple, but so true!

LASTLY | Friday Favorite

I love this quote so much. Embarking on anything takes a bit of bravery, whether that’s writing your first novel, or making the decision to change your health for the better. If you know something to be true, something deep inside that you know NEEDS to happen, also know it is something you CAN do. And if you’re brave enough to challenge yourself to the first step, the first itty bitty change setting you off in the direction of that truth, you WILL get there.

I’ve been a fan of Stephen King’s since middle school, when I was told I couldn’t watch the movie The Shining…so I went to the library and got the book instead. I’m not sure if that was a parenting-win or -fail on my folks; the book was WAY more intense than the movie! But also, I was a kid reading a massive book (as most of King’s are!). And I’ve retained a love of reading to this day, so I’m gonna call it a win.

Also note: I’m fully aware that this quote isn’t written according to the “write your goals in first person, present tense” tips above – but still! How empowering is this quote?!

Happy Friday, friends! Find your bravery, take that first step, and go do the things! I know you’re gonna rock it!

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